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frequently asked questions

provider questions

Phase I: Questionnaire

Every Leclair Decor project starts with our questionnaire. We ask that you provide us with as much information as possible, including inspiration pictures and plans/photos if you’ve got them. This step is important as it helps us gauge whether our process and look are a match for your project.

Phase II: Initial Meeting

Once we’ve reviewed your project details, we’ll reach out to set up an initial meeting (we can hop on the phone if you’re not local). This meeting is about getting to know each other, learning more about your taste and preferences, and reviewing the overall scope of your project so we can price out our services.

Phase III: Quote

Based on the information we gather at our initial meeting, we’ll provide you with a quote for our design fees. Our services are always priced as a flat fee, to be paid in instalments throughout the project’s duration.

Phase IV: Our Vision

After you’ve signed on and paid a deposit on our fee, we’ll put together a brief presentation that outlines our initial vision for your home, which will include our concepts for things like colour scheme, texture, and overall feel. This helps ensure we’re on the same page before proceeding to detailed design.

Phase V: Design Time

Based on the established scope and direction, we get to work designing your entire home and putting together a detailed package for your builder. This package includes layout drawings, millwork designs, hardware & lighting selections, and spec sheets for anything and everything you’ll be able to see.

Phase VI: Getting It Right

You’ll then have the opportunity to review the design plan and we can tweak things as necessary to make sure the design is just right.

Phase VII: Site Visits

During construction, we’re always on hand to answer questions and we plan site visits according to the scope of your project. If your build is out of town, we’ll plan a visit or two to check in on progress and ensure things are coming together as planned.

Phase VIII: Decor

Once construction is underway, we get started on your furniture and decor design. We start with having you approve an itemized budget and then get to work on the good stuff. When it’s ready, we’ll present your design (usually via e-presentation) and make any tweaks necessary.

Phase IX: Ordering

We order absolutely everything, and either receive & store it ourselves or arrange a receiving warehouse in your area. Everything is tracked as it ships so we always know what’s arrived and what’s still on its way.

Phase X: Install Day

The best part: install day! When your builder has finished and handed off the keys, we coordinate with our movers and handyman to get everything moved in, set up, and ready for you. It’s all-hands-on-deck for a day or two as we hang every picture, fluff every pillow, and prep your house for serious livin’.

How do I apply for a Safe Haven room?

You can call us direct on 1800 042 836, or talk to one of our approved Referral Agencies about your needs. More information is available at www.safehavencommunity.com.au/find-a-room/#_selfreferrals

What can I take with me to my new temporary home?

We recommend you take with you only what you need for the duration of the stay. Your Accommodation Provider is happy for you to treat their place like it is your home, but that doesn’t include moving excessive amounts of personal belongings and all your furniture!

What do I do with all my furniture and other personal belongings

If you are leaving and need to take your furniture and a large quantity of other personal belongings with you then we suggest a using a professional storage facility nearby. We highly recommend Storage King. They cover most of Australia and can provide the first month at half price. Visit their website at www.storageking.com.au to find your nearest storage facility.

Can I bring my pets?

Yes, generally you can! We understand it is sometimes very difficult to leave a furry family member behind. If you need to bring your pets with you then we will endeavour to find an Accommodation Provider that accepts pets but can't guarantee this.

Why do I need to pay?

The accommodation is provided at no cost to you by our generous Accommodation Providers. Safe Haven Community charges a small daily amount to cover the additional services we provide. This included finding and maintaining relationships with Accommodation Providers Australia-wide to make sure there is always a safe place to stay, contract management, legal fees, insurance fees, administration, unlimited personal support, and referrals to other agencies as required.

Will anyone else know my location?

No. Absolutely not. We do not share your personal details or your location with anyone unless we have your permission to do so.

What happens if I find another place to stay?

No problem! We can arrange for an early termination of your Safe Haven Accommodation Agreement. There are no penalties for leaving early.

What happens if my abuser spots me at the shops and follows me?

As soon as you are aware that you are being followed or tracked go immediately to the nearest Police Station to request assistance and protection. Then call 18 000 HAVEN to alert our staff to the security breach. We will then advise you what to do next. If it is not safe to go to the provided accommodation we will make other arrangements for you as soon as possible.

What happens if we don't get along?

Sometimes two people just don’t get along. Safe Haven Community staff are available to help mediate or assist with any conflict resolution if necessary. If there is no way to make a relationship work then we can arrange for an early exit to the Accommodation Agreement and find a new Safe Haven for the Guest.

How do I knw the accommodation provider is safe?

All of our providers are required to provide a Police check and 100 points of ID. We also speak to them a number of times on the phone or in person to get a good feel for them. Additionally, at the end of each stay, a Guest submits a feedback form to tell us if there were any concerns about a Provider that need to be addressed. Any provider that uses inappropriate behaviour is suspended or removed from our database.

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