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Safe Haven Community acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

Registered Charity 

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Now there is a quick and easy way to find a spare room in your local community.

agency referrals to safe haven

Are you a help line, support service, or community group assisting people at risk of domestic abuse or homelessness?

We understand that there are never enough places to meet the need. Waiting lists for refuges and shelters are frequently up to six months. Often the only alternatives are motels which can be very costly and are not the best environment for your clients, or sleeping rough in the car as a last resort.

You might like to consider adding Safe Haven Community to your list!

DV refuges and shelters

Do you have guests in your refuge that would be suitable for a Safe Haven Community placement?

We help refuges and shelters find new accommodation options for guests who no longer need such a high level of support. This makes room for new high priority cases to enter the refuge and access the critical services they need.

We understand that it is very difficult to find an exit strategy for your current clients to make room for new intakes. Once they are past the crisis stage and on the road to recovery, they need a short-term accommodation placement so they can exit the Refuge. This frees up critical spaces for other people with higher needs to enter the Refuge and get the support they need.

If you would like to register as a Referral Agency Partner, please submit your application using the buttons below.

self-referrals to safe haven

If you answer yes to any of the following, you are welcome to approach Safe Haven Community directly

I am in an abusive relationship but there is no physical violence currently

I am not homeless, but I don’t want to stay where I am any longer and I have nowhere else to go

I have been turned away from DV or Homelessness help-lines because I don’t fit their criteria


Safe Haven Community will provide a Case Worker to conduct an initial risk assessment.  If we conclude that providing a Safe Haven Community placement would not be putting you or any of our Accommodation Providers at risk of harm then we may be able to assist in the provision of a community placement.


We assist women and their children who are;

  •  at risk of or currently experiencing domestic or family abuse or;


  •  at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness due to domestic violence


  •  18 Years or above (or accompanied by a guardian)


  •  eligible for Centrelink benefits or have access to personal funds (room cost is $15.00 per night)


  •  confirmed to be low risk by a qualified risk assessment worker

NOTE: We do not guarantee the provision of any accommodation or other services if we are not comfortable with our perceived level of risk. Safety for all Guests and Accommodation Providers is our highest priority.

Please call 1800 042 836 to request a placement

Australia has a critical shortage of accommodation for low-risk people wishing to leave abusive relationships

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