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if there's room in your heart

make room at your table in 2023

The World's Biggest Dinner Party is on again in 2023

It isn't just one Dinner Party, It's many parties held at the same time all around Australia, hosted by people like YOU who want to make a difference to the lives of women and children impacted by domestic abuse.  

Your involvement in The World's Biggest Dinner Party will help raise funds to provide crucial accommodation services and desperately needed additional case management, guidence for court attendance and other support services.

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invite your friends 

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Register your World's Biggest Dinner Party and form your 'Team'. 

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Invite your guests to attend. Ask them to register to join your team and pledge their donation. They can seek donations and sponsorship as well and add to your fundraising goal.

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Your dinner party can be as formal or informal as you like, from a sit down fine dining experience, to a casual bar-b-que, and everything in between.

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It's easy to set up your own fundraising page and use the 'Host Kit' to organise your event. Invite family, friends and work colleagues to sponsor you to help achieve your fundraising goal. 

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Don't be shy, remember to share your event on your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Use the Hashtags #WBDP #RoomInYourHeart

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Join us on 13 May 2023 , during Domestic Violence Prevention Month. Your Dinner Party will be one of 100's held right around Australia, and around the World! Show your commitment to help end domestic abuse and share your night on social media.

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"Women are the fastest growing group of homeless people in Australia, and Domestic Violence is the leading cause"

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Join us

Accept the challenge, form a 'Team' and register your World's Biggest Dinner Party TODAY! Use your fundraising page and Host Kit to organise your event to invite family, friends, colleagues and sponsors

make a difference

The money you raise will help fund our important work across Australia. Share your impact with your friends on social media, use the Hashtag #WBDP, and know that you're doing a world of good.

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save the date - 13 May 2023



join the world's biggest
dinner party

JOIN US ON 13 May 2023 and help put and end to violence against women

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