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Women in domestic abuse are at risk.

Women are the fastest growing group of homeless people in Australia, and domestic and family violence is the leading cause given for homelessness from people seeking specialist support services.  1

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1 in 6 women

have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by a current or previous partner.

1 in 4 women

have experienced emotional abuse or coercive control by a current or previous partner.

we're asking for your help

We're at the coalface of assisting women and their children escape domestic abuse. Yes, we promote community awareness, we lobby government, and our Research is undertaken by highly qualified academics from a range of Australia's best universities. But we also provide the difficult and challenging things, the things women and children REALLY need to get out of a toxic relationship and end domestic abuse:

short and medium term accommodation

legal preparation for court & referral

financial literacy

support managers and mentoring

$5 a week, about the cost of a cup of coffee, is all it will take to help a woman escape domestic abuse. 


Give women the real option to remove themselves and their children from domestic abuse. With your help, Safe Haven Community can be one small part of the solution that puts and end to violence against women and helps them to lead the life they were meant to lead. 

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for a 


Show your support

by donating

Five Dollars a week






Become a supporter and help a woman

go from victim of domestic abuse to survivor

donate now

thank you

Your generous contribution will help us grow our service and provide vital support to women when they leave an abusive relationship

If you prefer, you can Donate direct to our Bank Account:

Safe Haven Community Limited

BSB 484 799

Account 610 263 320

Refererence: (your last name)

Contact us and send your email so we can send you your Receipt

Donations $2 and over are Tax Deductible

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