Though women are arguably freer now to leave a violent relationship than ever before, it remains challenging for anyone in this terrible situation. Victims of domestic violence are being forced to move back in with their abusers because of a chronic shortage of emergency accommodation. The majority of the women impacted can't afford to find accommodation themselves, particularly coming straight out of such distressing situations, and simply do not have the financial means. 

Increased demand for support from women escaping domestic violence has been linked, not only to the increase in the actual incidence of family and domestic violence occurring, but also to increased community awareness of the prevalence of this terrible problem. As the stigma of family violence is reduced, more people are feeling empowered to access services and support. But services are limited and strained and women continue to suffer to the point where there is more than one death every week due to domestic violence. 

Be one of 1000 Women and be part of the solution by helping to deliver a service that offers women a safe place to stay

Across Australia, there are 7.2 million spare rooms in private homes that are vacant for 90 percent of the year. Safe Haven Community maintains a national database of security-vetted community members who generously donate their spare rooms to someone that needs a safe place to stay.


Together we offer a nurturing and supportive environment for up to three months and connect our Guests to a network of professionals to offer guidance to help them build a better future, free from fear and abuse. Our Placement Team and Case Workers ensure that everyone is safe and happy for the duration of the stay. As demand for our service increases, so does the resources we need to provide professional case management services and support for the women trying to leave an abusive relationship



This is where we are asking for your help.


We are seeking the help of 1000 generous women so we can assist other women and their children escape physical, mental and financial abuse.  ​Your donation will provide the case management and other support needed until we can move people at risk into more stable, longer-term accommodation. We believe this kind of action can be crucial to get women away from abusive partners and the real possibility of further serious, physical harm. $100 is all it takes to help a women in need. 


We are confident a movement of this kind will demonstrate to governments that more can and must be done to provide resources that are imperative to women's safety. 

The need to give women the real option and freedom to remove themselves and their children from violent homes is more than apparent.  With your help, Safe Haven Community can be one small part of a solution that leads to a better outcomes for everyone. 


1000 WOMEN