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Affected by an Abusive Relationship? This is The Group is for you.

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

The Kinship Circle is where women connect because they have stories in common, stories of struggle and survival from being trapped in an abusive or coercive relationship.

When people share their stories with others in similar situations, they find a type of relief that is very healing for supporting one another in shared experiences.

Kinship Circle is a safe place where women have their voice encouraged and respected at their own pace, where the spirit of inclusion is designed to heal and empower your voice which may have been shut down by your experiences. The Group advocates living a heart-led life where your dreams and voice are valued and important because lived experience inside a coercive relationship will close your heart down and silence your voice in so many ways.

Talking and listening and just being in the same space with others who share similar stories or experiences to your own creates the type of inclusion that is profoundly healing and goes a long way to rebuilding and reconnecting with your true sense of self. There is no pressure to perform or say things that you’re not ready to share and no judgement, there is only acceptance, inclusion and support.

Sharing stories, experiences and conversations and even sharing silence with no pressure no judgment no agenda, spending time with people who have experienced similar life experiences to your own is the true spirit of kinship.

The Kinship circle opens a space and an environment for women from many different life situations to sit together over refreshments to show up for them-self, and to show up for each other, all in a confidential, safe physical environment facilitated by a Safe Haven Counsellor.

If you'd like to join us in The Kinship Circle call 1800 042 836 for details and to book your place. Or click here for more details and to register. There are no charges to register or attend. This is a FREE service and we look forward to meeting you.

Click here If you would like to attend Kinship Circle via Zoom Meeting

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