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The most important thing you can offer a woman escaping domestic abuse - is a roof over her head

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Your generous contribution will help us develop this important asset, grow our service and provide vital support to women when they leave an abusive relationship

If you prefer, you can Donate direct to our Bank Account:

Safe Haven Community Limited

BSB: 484 799

Account: 610 263 320

Reference: (your last name)

Contact us and send your email so we can send you your Receipt

All donations $2.00 and over are tax deductible


Women can rebuild
their lives and protect their
children with access to
safe and secure housing

We've built a safe house!

Women are the fastest growing group of homeless people in Australia, and domestic and family violence is the leading cause given for homelessness from people seeking specialist support.  1

We need more and better options to help transition women and their children into more permanent accommodation, that's why we've built our first fully owned and operated, purpose built  Safe House, complete with individual room amenities and ALL support services. 

will you help us build another?

Now more than ever, the need to give women a real option to remove themselves and their children from abusive relationships is so crucial. With your help we've already built one Safe Home - will you help us build another?


Join our Buy a Brick and Save a Life? Campaign and with your help, Safe Haven Community can be one small part of a solution that helps to end violence against women.  

Your Tax deductible donation will help provide 1820 nights of secure accommodation for 30 women and their children in a year

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