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Are you a helpline, support service, or community group assisting people at risk of homelessness due to domestic abuse?

We understand that there are never enough places to meet demand. Often you're not able to support those women who do not meet the criteria for assistance from other DV support services. Waiting lists for refuges and shelters are frequently up to six months and the only alternatives are motels which can be very costly and are not the best environment for your clients.


Register as a Referring Agent to Safe Haven Community and follow our checklist to see if your clients are eligible for assistance.

Safe Haven Community (SHC) has been operating nationally since 2017, providing opportunity for women and their children experiencing domestic abuse to leave their abusers knowing they have a safe, secure roof over their heads.

Our national register of community based, security-vetted, private rooms offer women the immediate support they need. This innovative solution demonstrates the value the community places on assisting our most vulnerable in their time of need. Our service provides urgent relief to DV organisations like yours and ensures the start of the journey women take towards improving their health and wellbeing, is one of safety and trust. 

About safe haven community

Often it's the agencies and community organisations that work with vulnerable women and children that are at the forefront of the work to defeat domestic and family violence and abuse. SHC partners with your organisation to offer the accommodation needed to provide solutions for your clients and customers. 

Your agency will case manage and support your client and work with SHC to improve the chances of finding immediate solutions. This approach prioritizes attention to a measured pathway with the intention of more permanent solutions. It's an important

intervention in what's becoming the normal trajectory of homelessness and despair for an increasing number of women who are victims of domestic abuse. 


Keep complete control and manage your clients and liaise directly with SHC through our database (IVY). Register your representatives and case managers and create and mange your cases. 


We assist women and their children who are;

at risk of or currently experiencing domestic or family abuse or;


at risk of, or currently experiencing homelessness due to domestic violence


25 Years or above and their children

confirmed to be low risk by a qualified risk assessment worker

working with you to help women find a safe place to stay

Your clients will benefit from the respite offered by access to short-term, temporary accommodation. You will be able to extend your service to a wider group of women and their children and you'll improve case outcomes. 

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Having a safe, secure place to stay is critical to the journey for women taking the all-important first step in ending their abuse. 

Contact Safe Haven Community today and let's discuss how we can collaborate to ensure you can provide the best outcome available to your clients. 

NOTE: We do not guarantee the provision of any accommodation or other services if we are not comfortable with our perceived level of risk. Safety for all Guests and Accommodation Providers is our highest priority.

Australia has a critical shortage of accommodation for women trying to leave abusive relationships.

Safe Haven Community provides a real solution

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